Our Disciplinary Guidelines, Procedures, and Appeal Process

  1. In the event of non-compliance of any of the above net etiquette and guidelines, the Administrator reserves the right to remove the member from the GK University Forums, with or without any notice.

  2. Decision to suspend a member will be made by those GK Talk Room moderators that are available to act.

  3. Reinstatement of a suspended member will be at the discretion of the GK Talk Room Moderators.

  4. Disciplinary action shall be taken against any member deemed to have breached the GK Talk Room Guidelines.

  5. Complaint against a member should be made directly to the Administrator.

  6. Complaints should be made within 2 weeks of the occurrence of the incident.

  7. All deliberations of the GK Talk Room Moderators will be strictly confidential.

  8. The GK Talk Room Moderators are required to relay its decision within a period of 14 days after receiving a complaint.

  9. Users found guilty of breach of Gk Talk Room Guidelines could:

    i) either be given a warning note, or

    ii) a warning note plus four (4) weeks probation, or

    iii) a two weeks suspension, or

    iv) a termination of membership for a minimum 1 year period.

  10. Only materials posted on GK Talk Room shall be admitted as evidence. Personal e-mails are inadmissible.

  11. Any user found posting personal mail on the GK Talk Room Forum with the intention of having it admitted as evidence shall be deemed to have breached the GK Talk Room Guidelines and disciplinary action can be taken against him/her.

  12. Disciplinary proceedings could be initiated by any GK Talk Room Moderators.

  13. A member under disciplinary consideration shall be informed by the Administrator as soon as the matter is referred to the GK Talk Room Moderators. In the event of continued breach of the Guidelines by a member under consideration during the period of disciplinary proceedings, the administrator reserves the right to temporarily remove the member from GK Talk Room

  14. The Administrator is also expected, for expediency, to act alone and warn an erring member, and initiate the necessary actions. Copies of the letters to erring members should be sent to all GK Talk Room Moderators.


  • All appeals against the decisions of the GK Talk Room Moderators on disciplinary matters should be made by the disciplined member within 1 week of notification.